Organic and Local

At Well Grounded, we strive to provide organic and locally produced ingredients to our customers.  It's not only important for health and the environment, but it helps nurture bonds that tie the bay area community together. 


We boast the widest selection of Numi Organic Tea in the area.  Based in Oakland, CA, Numi Tea consistently produces high quality tea, worthy of the moniker "Loose-Leaf in a Bag."  They are a Certified Green Business, who work very diligently to bring the green philosophy into everything they make.

Our chai is delivered personally by Rich, owner of Chai Baba Chai, from Sebastopol, CA.  His blend of Organic tea and spices makes a not-too-sweet but wonderfully flavorful chai latte.


The coffee we use comprised of a certified Organic blend of medium and dark roast beans from seven different growing regions.  Each cup of our house specialty coffee is ground fresh and pressure brewed in the same way as espresso, leaving the cup topped with delicious foamy crema.  No need to order and 'Americano' here, but we'll still make one for you if you do.

We use only Clover Organic Milk and Organic Soy Milk in our espresso drinks (cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe mocha, etc...) 

Baked Goods


If you like an authentic New York bagel, then we have what you're looking for.  Our bagels are boiled, NOT steamed, before they are baked.  Although the Asiago Cheese bagel is by far our customers' favorite, we do offer these other flavors: Plain, Sesame Seed, Poppy Seed, Three-Seed (poppy, sesame, sunflower), Whole-wheat Raisin, Onion Poppy Seed, Jalapeno Cheese, and The Works (Garlic, Sesame and Poppy).

The usual toppings are available, including cream cheese, butter, jam, hummus, veggies and Wild Alaskan Salmon Lox. However, having come from Humboldt County, CA, we couldn't serve bagels without offering the regional favorite topping: Larrupin' Sauce.  A Swedish-style sweet mustard dill sauce, it has somewhat of a cult following. Responses from customers about how good it is range from, "mmmmmm, that IS good," to "I love it so much, I could bathe in it."  It's especially good with salmon lox, but it nearly goes with everything!

In addition to your typical bagel, we take it to the next level with the Grilled Turkey Bagel: Pesto sauce, Oven Roasted Turkey, Havarti cheese, and tomato slices, grilled to a crunchy-melty perfection in the panini press. 


Inspired by the Spanish bocadillo, our sandwiches start on sweet baguette bread.  In addition to the traditional Spanish bocadillo, made with tomato rub, olive-oil and jamon-serrano; we also offer some of our own takes on this "little mouthful." 


Each morning we receive fresh baked breads a pastries from our local Semifreddi's Bakery.  They are an inspiration, having started much the same as we have, in the small commercial district of Colusa Circle.  Their pastries are the local favorite, from sugar covered Morning Buns, to their signature Apple Turnovers.  We have a wide variety of their full pastry offering.